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Membership Information

Students who are enrolled in classes and programs at the Seishin-Kan dojo in Marion, Indiana, or who have been promoted to any dan or kyu rank in the Seishin-Kan are automatically enrolled as members of the Seishin-Kan, and are entitled to the full rights and privileges of membership (which are admittedly few).

A portion of each Seishin-Kan student's regular membership dues goes to the general support of the Seishin-Kan and the students are thereby promoting the mission and objectives of both organizations through their dues and participation. However, you may wonder if there is a way that people who simply use our Internet site can actively support the mission and activities of the Seishin-Kan and/or the Jikishin-Kai . . .

One such way is Membership in the Seishin-Kan or the Jikishin-Kai, or both. An Associate Membership is something very special to us at the Seishin-Kan, because Associate Members receive very few of the direct benefits that dojo members enjoy, yet they make a necessary and greatly appreciated financial contribution. How's that for a sales pitch?!

Membership is a completely voluntary act of support for the Seishin-Kan and the Jikishin-Kai -- which is what makes it so special to us. Members are voluntarily providing financial support through their dues, as well as acting as representatives of the Seishin-Kan and Jikishin-Kai throughout the world. The only benefits members of the Seishin-Kan receive in return are:

  • The right to call themselves Seishin-Kan members
  • Member's discounts on products and services offered by the Seishin-Kan

That's it! We don't have a newsletter yet. You don't even receive a uniform patch or a membership card! Instead, you willingly undertake the obligations of membership, which include:

  • To always conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Seishin-Kan
  • To promote Seishin-Kan activities and involvement to their fellow martial artists
  • To promote the philosophy and goals of the Seishin-Kan and the Jikishin-Kai to their fellow martial artists and to their local community in general
  • To submit ideas and suggestions that will enhance the services of the Seishin-Kan

Obviously, those who undertake a membership in the Seishin-Kan do so because they believe in its purpose and want to be an important part of helping both the Seishin-Kan and the Jikishin-Kai spread traditional martial arts training and philosophy to a world that desperately needs it. They do it, because they want to be a vital part of helping to change the world they live in -- even if it's just in a small way. They certainly do not join because of all the great benefits that they receive in return. If you join the Jikishin-Kai however, (whether instead of, or in addition to Seishin-Kan Association Membership), you do receive some additional benefits!

If you are one of these special people (and don't feel guilty if you're not), joining online is a simple matter. Just fill out our online membership application. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the information to join the Seishin-Kan. The application is processed through PayPal, one of the most trusted and respected secure online payment services. You can use PayPal's secure service to pay by MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card, electronic check, or bank transfer.

$10.00 per year for a membership in the Seishin-Kan may not sound like much in the way of support. But, when many people make a small contribution, it can quickly add up to big things. For instance, we previously used an advertising-supported free hosting service. And that meant annoying banner ads.  In April, 2003 we were able to purchase basic hosting service that is ad-free!  That's what just a handful of supporters enable us to do!

Our basic hosting service now has limited services and bandwidth. It will only take another dozen or so memberships to provide the funds to upgrade those services and bandwidth. A few dozen more would finance significant upgrades and enhancements to this site. Memberships will ensure that we can widen the scope of services offered, and to keep this site up-to-date.

Now that you know what your Seishin-Kan membership means, we invite you to join by clicking the appropriate button below for a Seishin-Kan Membership or to view information regarding JKI membership.  And remember, whether you elect to join or not, you are always welcome and appreciated here at the Web Dojo!



Seishin-Kan Membership

Thank you!

Jikishin-Kai Membership


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