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  The Jikishin-Kai International has its own excellent membership program, especially for those who are actively training in Eishin-Ryu iaijutsu, Shindo Muso-Ryu jojutsu, Shito-Ryu karate-do, or other martial arts instructed by the JKI.

A key feature of the JKI membership program is its unique Martial Arts Passport, in which members maintain the complete records related to their entire martial arts journey.

   Sections in the Passport cover promotions, seminars, tournaments, and notes from your training in iaijutsu, jojutsu, karate-do, kobudo, and other martial arts. The JKI Martial Arts Passport thus serves as a guidebook and road-map to training in a variety of martial arts.
To apply for JKI membership, simply click the button below and you will be linked to the JKI web site, where you can apply directly.

Jikishin-Kai International headquarters has now established its own computerized membership database and application tracking system, so your Passport and other membership materials will be sent directly from JKI headquarters within a few business days of receiving your application and payment.

You already know that our goal is to develop this site into the Web's best source of information, instruction, and services relating to traditional martial arts. Supporting the JKI is another way you can be part of that dream.  But, remember, whether you elect to join the JKI or not, you are always welcome here at the Web Dojo!


Thank you!


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