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An extra click or two costs you no more, but can make a big difference to us!

Our budo no mise (martial arts store) is another way you can directly support the Seishin-Kan and this Web Dojo. By purchasing your training books and videos directly from us, you provide income that is vital to our ability to maintain and improve this web site.  Your support of the Web-Dojo also provides direct support to the Jikishin-Kai in its promotion of Eishin-Ryu iaijutsu, Shindo Muso-Ryu jojutsu, Shito-Ryu karate-do, and other traditional Japanese martial arts. Not only do you receive products and services of the highest quality and authenticity at reasonable prices, but you can take additional satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting a worthwhile cause that you believe in.

You can also arrange for a portion of any purchase you make at Amazon.com to be designated to the support of this web site. It does not affect the cost of your purchase at Amazon.com, but it can make a huge difference to us. To use this feature, simply link to Amazon.com from this site by clicking the Amazon.com logo below each time you purchase from them, rather than going directly there.

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