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Contact Us

We welcome your comments and suggestions about this site, or questions about the traditional martial arts featured here. We really do want your feedback, so we have established several ways for you to contact us:

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more about the Seishin-Kan

Nippon Karate-do/Kobudo Seishin-Kan
620 W. 6th Street
Marion, IN    46953

PHONE: (765) 398-6290

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Jikishin-Kai International
5505 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92117

PHONE: (858) 560-4517

e-Mail the Seishin-Kan

  We hope you will also take time to participate in other community-building efforts of the Web Dojo, like our Karate Discussion Forum or Iaido Discussion Forum, or sign our Guest Book.  Remember, we welcome any suggestions you have for improving our content or services.

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