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  Welcome to the Kobudo Web Dojo -- the section of the Web-Dojo dedicated to promotion of authentic, traditional Ryukyu Kobudo.  Soon you will find here information and resources to help you improve your understanding and performance of traditional Ryukyu Kobudo.

Development of this section of the site is scheduled for summer 2003, so please check back occasionally for the latest updates on our progress.

Eventually, we plan to develop this section of the Web Dojo into a treasury of information, philosophy, and techniques of traditional Ryukyu kobudo -- the martial arts of the Ryukyu Islands, which are now part of Japan.

Ryukyu Kobudo includes such well known weapons as the bo (six-foot staff), sai (three-pronged truncheon), tonfa (wooden grinding-wheel handle), kama (sickle), nunchaku (wooden flail), and eku (oar).  Ryukyu Kobudo is a fascinating mixture of peasant (farmers and fishermen) and samurai weaponry and tactics. Some are relatively crude, while others are extremely sophisticated, making Ryukyu Kobudo an enriching supplement to anyone's martial arts training.

What's Coming?


What would you like to see?

As we develop this portion of the Web Dojo, we are committed to our goal of becoming the Internet's premier martial artists online community.  We can only do that with your help.  What would you like to see at the Kobudo Web Dojo?  What topics should we cover?  What techniques should we explain?  What will help you the most in your martial arts journey?  While you are awaiting the debut of the Kobudo Web Dojo, please visit our Web-Dojo Guest Book and give us your suggestions for the Kobudo Web Dojo.


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