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  Philosophy is at the very core of traditional iaijutsu.  Even during the formative years of the art, when it was a practical necessity for self-defense or for use in the samurai's vocation as a warrior or government official, a person might only have to use the combative skills of iaijutsu once or twice in a lifetime.  The rest of the time, iaijutsu was useful chiefly as a source of personal discipline, spiritual development, and a character-building philosophy of life.  It is for this reason that iaijutsu (the Art of Iai) was eventually transformed into iaido (the Iai Way of Life) in most modern systems. 

In the 21st century, most people will never need to use iaijutsu in self-defense.  Nevertheless, its primary value continues to be the development of a disciplined lifestyle, purity of spirit, and a character-driven philosophy of life.  To help Iaido Web Dojo visitors understand the philosophy of traditional iaijutsu, we have provided the following philosophical information:

  • An explanation of the Seishin-Kan Dojo Kun (Code of the Dojo).
  • An explanation of genuine respect.
  • An explanation of true personal discipline.
  • The appropriate function of religion in the practice of martial arts.
  • The importance of symbolism in the martial arts.
  • An archive of past articles illustrating philosophical principles.
  • The topic-of-the-month article illustrating martial arts philosophy.
  • An explanation of Bunbu Ryodo -- the relationship of culture and martial arts.

We encourage you to make use of this information to enhance your knowledge and understanding of traditional iaijutsu.  We also encourage you to tell us what we can do to make this site even more beneficial and meaningful to you.  Please take the time to sign our guest book, visit our iaido discussion forum, or send us an email to give us your suggestions.

Make this your place.  Connect with other members of the martial arts community.  And together let's develop the bonds of peace and brotherhood that are the goal of every legitimate martial artist.


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